Mountain air always makes one crave for goodies!

Therefore, we recommend that you go through the restaurant`s menu and, on the return from your daily hikes, let yourself be overwhelmed by the fresh aromas of our cuisine. Announce us sooner what you wish to be pampered with, and we will do it with great pleasure.

If, by chance or intent, your coming to our boarding-house coincides with an important event for you, which you would like to celebrate in a special, intimate, cosy environment, or would like to party hard… let us know, so we can prepare it all for you.

Until then, look bellow to see what we usually put on the menu:

  • Rich breakfast for an energetic stat of the day
  • Diversified appetizers
  • Soups and broths according to your desire
  • Varied garnishes for all tastes
  • Fish, pork, chicken and beef dishes on your liking
  • Vegan dishes for those who want something different
  • Refreshing salads and pickles
  • Delightful desserts
  • Water, juices, lemonade, wines, slivovitz, beer, and other drinks, according to the mood