We invite you to choose as your soul pleases: discover the mountain on extraordinary trails, find out about the region’s history and about the torments of the people or find yourself in adrenaline filled activities. No matter what you choose, your adventure with us will leave its print deep into your heart.

You can enjoy a refreshing boat ride, either by oar or motor boat – we provide the boats so that you can totally relax on a fishing trip or recharge on a nautical skiing ride. You can enjoy the surroundings by bike – we provide the bikes or simply choose to have fun with your friends on the pontoon we have specially designed for unforgettable meetings amongst friends and where memorable parties can be organized.

For those passionate by the sport of hunting (no matter you have experienced it or not yet...), we come to let you know that, once the season opening, we invite you to join us in the adventures that the forests of the Apuseni Mountains offer us! We have a well trained and passionate team who will teach us to search and follow animals’ tracks and a real hounds squad that will follow us in our search of deers, wild boars or bears. All you have to do is to be ready for a unique alpine experience!

Once you have switched on to the holiday mode, for all of the above, please draw on the hosts!


Oar and motor boat


Nautical ski