You just come over... forget the streets, forget the buildings, forget the world…come…find your way, find the serenity, find your inner self mirrored in everything that surrounds you here, ready to embrace you, to comfort you, too soothe you to sleep, to awake you...

We are expecting you with opened arms! We’re expecting you to rediscover yourself among the hills, waters, valleys and mountains… to relax among the people who know how to comfort you, so that you wake up with a smile in your soul.

An antique place, brought from a fairytale from times long gone, the Belis area charms you, from the very beginning, with the accessible and calm scenery of the Apuseni mountains, with fir three green, with an incredible blue sky and long desired peace. Here, we have carefully prepared a special place where you can be spoiled, and where the hospitality, good mood and freshly cooked food are the secret and the charm of your mountain experiences and adventures.

We offer you all the ingredients for a stay to remember, in a delightful place and cozy background, with few, but kind people, who could become your travelling companions.


Lat: 46.68100 Long: 23.03315 View on map